10 of the Curviest (and Scariest) Roads in the World

The most thrilling roads in the world—which ones offer scenic views and which ones to avoid.

Roads and highways are essential for getting from point A to point B. Sometimes getting to your destination may create a hair-raising experience simply by traversing the road itself. In some places, hairpin turns on narrow stretches of pavement are the only way to reach your destination. Preparing for the journey, it’s important to know if you can navigate sharp bends or steep inclines or if there are alternative ways to get to where you’re headed. But occasionally, there are times where you may choose the road less traveled for the long and windy scenic way offering another perspective and usually incredible views.

15 Places on the Underground Railroad Trail in the U.S.

Discover the historic places that made up the Underground Railroad.

As Juneteenth celebrates the day in 1865 when news of Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation finally reached rural Texas more than two years after it was ordered, now’s a time to reflect and recall the heroic stories of people who risked their lives and livelihoods in the secret network to help Black Americans escape enslavement. (Due to COVID, check to make sure places are open before you visit.) Recommended Viewing/Reading“Underground Railroad,” a 10-episode series based on the best-selling book by Colson Whitehead, directed by Barry Jenkins, debuted on Amazon Prime in May.   

What to Get Your Travel-Loving Dad This Fathers Day

A gift for every type of travel dad.

Fathers can be tricky to shop for. Some are obsessed with their bikes, but they’re also particular about them. For some, new clothes are their last priority—they’ve got a button-up from five years ago, why would they possibly need another? Though it may be tough to find the right thing for your dad, if they also love to travel, then we can help you select the perfect something. Whether you’re looking for an experience or wanting something for him to unwrap, we’ve got you covered. These are the best Father’s Day gifts for the father figure in your life.

Think an Island Getaway Sounds Fun? Not Necessarily at These 10 Places

On these bizarre, sinister, and sometimes somber abandoned islands, you'll find mystery, history, buried treasure, and tragedy.

What could be scarier than finding yourself on an uninhabited island where there’s no way out and you’re surrounded by the water? That’s right: stranded on an abandoned island with a creepy history. And there are many places like this around the world. Bearing ancient curses, serving as mass burial grounds, witnessing death, hiding treasures–these islands are curious places that won’t leave a traveler indifferent. These islands break to pieces the stereotype of idyllic island leisure and instead guarantee nightmares after visiting. Some of them are places of remembrance and dialogue, others simply infested with deadly poisonous snakes–but all are extremely fascinating. The abandoned flair adds to the mystery and deafening silence serves as the best accompaniment for exploration. So, get ready for chills down your spine and enter the sinister world of the abandoned islands of the world.

15 of the Most Picturesque Small Towns in England

Because there’s more to England than London and Brighton.

England is a country of contrasts. Ditch the London buzz and you’ll soon find yourself drooling over half-timber houses, rugged coasts, ancient castles, and all the old-age charm that comes with small English towns. Wander through the magical caves in Tintagel and reminisce with King Arthur. Or indulge in all the world-class culinary pleasures Malton has to offer. Then again, Robin Hood’s Bay could be calling your name—and it’s hard to say no to secluded coastlines and winding cobbled alleyways. Whatever you do, be sure to add a few of these British escapes to your bucket list.